15 most beautiful places to visit in Cox’s Bazar

15 most beautiful places to visit in Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is a town on the southeast coast of Bangladesh. It’s known for its very long, sandy beachfront, stretching from Sea Beach in the north to Kolatoli Beach in the south. But there is more places you should visit too. 

  1. Laboni Beach

laboni beach

Laboni Beach is the oldest sea beach in cox’sbazar, it is very much safest sea beach for swimming. This beach is 2.31 Kilomiter long and very near to the town side. To many rides are available in this beach at day time like as surfing boat, beach bike and jet ski ect. Tourist are mostly preferred this beach for swimming and enjoy those rides.

  1. Sugondha Beach

sugandha beach

Sugondha Beach is the second most beautiful beach in cox’s bazar. This beach is almost 1.5 kilomiter long and quite far from the town side but it is pity near for those who stay in hotels or resorts, location of this beach beside Hotel Motel Zone.

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  1. Kolatoli Beach

laboni beach

Kolatoli Beach is the most beautiful beach in cox’s bazar for tourists because its far from the town side and pity near from Hotel Motel Zone. This beach beautiful at the day time and also at the night time. People are likely to watch sunset in the evening at this beach. To many restaurants are around there for entertaining tourist.

  1. Himchodri


Quite few places are in the world as beautiful as Himchori because in west side the open view of sea and the east side wide view of mountains, this is the eye-catching moment for the nature lovers. 

  1. Enani Coral Beach

enani beach

Enani is the second coral sea beach in Bangladesh. Almost 1.89-kilometer-long beach one of the widest sea views attract the tourist most.

  1. Taknaf Sea Beach


Taknaf is the southern part of our country. It is quite near to Myanmar. Taknaf sea beach is the most beautiful and low crowded beach in Taknaf. It is also called Narikel Jinjira for huge production of coconuts there.

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  1. Shahapurir Island

Shahapurir island is the southern part of cox’s bazar. Previous name of this island is “Zingira”. This island is a gift of nature and full of natural beauty.

  1. Budish Temple

Budish Temple is the oldest temple in cox’s bazar. It is situated in the heart of cox’s bazar. This temple is sculpture of ancient architect and attract the tourist most.

  1. Ramu Budish Temple

 Ramu Budish temple is the most beautiful architected structure in cox’s bazar. Locals are call Sorno Mondir (Gold Temple) for its golden color. It is situated beside the Govt. primary school in center of Ramu bazar.

  1. Dulhazra Safari Park

Dulhazra safari park is landscape of around 9 square kilometers. It is a man-made forest for the wild animals around 4000+ animals are sheltered here. Some animals are taken from Sundarban some are rescued and many people are donated some of the animals to the park. Every day thousands of people are visit safari park to see the wild life.

  1. Naikhongchari Lake

Naikhongchari upaban lake is the most beautiful place in cox’s bazar but it’s not actually in cox’s bazar its under Bandarban District because its near to cox’s bazar. So, its easy to visit from cox’s bazar. Its simplicity attracts the tourist most.

  1. Lama hill point

Lama hill point is one of the most beautiful hill side in cox’s bazar district. It is situated in ramu upazilla. It is the highest point in cox’s bazar mountain region.

  1. Khurushkul Fisherman village

Khurushkul is a village of fisherman, it is sea side village were 1000 of fisherman family lives. Morning time in this village has iconic sicario. All the fisher man are busy with their day long activities some go for catch fish some are busy to process dry fish group of people are fixing fishnet the nature is surround their witch attract the tourist most.

  1. Alikadam Cave

Alikadam Cave is one of the eye-catching spots for the tourist. It is situated in the down side of Alikadam mountain. It is about 1500 feet high from the sea level. It’s a treasure of nature.

  1. Sanmartin Island

Sanmartin island is the southeast island of Bangladesh. Its famous for coral stones. It’s a very attracting place for tourist in winter. It is approx. 34 kilometer far from Taknaf and quite near to Myanmar. 

Summary 15 most beautiful places to visit in Cox’s Bazar:

  1. Laboni Beach
  2. Sugondha Beach
  3. Kolatoli Beach
  4. Himchori
  5. Enani Coral Beach
  6. Taknaf Sea Beach
  7. Shahaporir Island
  8. Budish Temple
  9. Ramu Budish Temple
  10. Dulhazra Safari Park
  11. Naikhanchori Lake
  12. Lama Hill Point
  13. Khurushkul Fisherman Village
  14. Alikodom Cave
  15. Sainmartin Island


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