How to visit Kolatoli beach, Cox’s Bazar

How to visit Kolatoli beach, Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh has the longest sea beach in the world. It is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. And the most crowded tourist spot also. Here visit Kolatoli beach which is one of the crowded tourist attraction.

Kolatoli beach is one of the most attractive and crowded Seabeaches in Cox’s Bazar. It is also famous for small restaurants around the beachside. So, this is one of the tourist attractionsin Cox’s Bazar. Everyday thousands of people across the countrycome with their family and friends tovisithere. On this beach, you can enjoy seafood in those restaurants. It is quite near the Dolphin circle. The most visit-able time on this beach is evening rather than morning time.

How to travel Kolatoli sea Beach Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka:

From Dhaka, you can travel by bus or plane. If you want to travel by bus then you go to Arambag or Kolabagan Bus Stand, there too many bus services available for Cox’s Bazar like as S. Alam, Saudia Travels, Saintmartin Travels, Sohag Travels, Greenline Poribohan, etc. Both AC and Non-AC bus services are available.

Start your journey from Arambag or Kolabagan when you chose a non-AC bus the ticket price for one person is around 800 to 1000 BDT and the AC bus ticket price for one person is around 1500 to 2500 BDT

The most preferable time for travel is at night because you can save your travel time and be very much energetic in the morningto discover the beauty of Cox’s Bazar.Start your journey from Arambag the reach Cox’s Bazar via Chattogram, Keranihat, Amirabad, and Chokoria. When your bus reaches cox’s Bazar Dolphin Cercle from there you can hire an auto-rickshaw or rickshaw for Kolatoli beach which cost around 10 to 20 BDT

By plane, first, you go to Shahjalal International Airport Domestic side and purchase a ticket the ticket price is around 3500 to 4500 BDT per person it’s expensive but time-consuming and you can also enjoy the cloud in the air. Around 1 hour you can reach Cox’s Bazar Airport after going with the formality of checking out you can hire an auto-rickshawfor Kolatoli beach which cost around 100 to 150 BDT.


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