Sangu River Bandarban | সাঙ্গু রিভার বান্দরবন

Sangu River Bandarban | সাঙ্গু রিভার বান্দরবন

Sangu River is a beautiful river located in the hilly district of Bandarban. This river is known for its crystal-clear water, picturesque beauty and the stunning landscapes that surround it. Sandgu river originates in the hills of Myanmar and flows through the hills of Bandarban before eventually emptying into the Bay of Bengal. The river is a lifeline for the local communities providing water for irrigation, transportation and fishing.


Sangu River is a prominent river flowing through the Bandarban district. The river originates from the Chittagong hill tracts and flows through Bandarban before emptying into the Bay of Bengal. The riverbanks are also doted with small villages and farmlands adding to the charm of the scenery. Visitors can take boat ride or go kayaking on the river enjoying the calm and peaceful surroundings while navigating the gentle currents. The river is also and excellent spot for fishing with various species of fish available in the water. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely day of fishing while taking in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The Sangu River is also an important part of the local ecomomy as it provides irrigation water to nearby farmlands and supports the livelihoods of local fishermen.

How to visit:

To visit Sangu River first we reach Bandarban district.

So here we start our traveling from Dhaka, we can reach directly Bandarban by bus or we can go to Chattogram by bus or train or Plane.

So, we chose the bus for our direct destination Bandarban, there too many buses company like Hanif, Shayamoli, S. Alam, and Sanmartin are has direct service to Bandarban for the Arambag bus stand. Which is cost around 800 to 2000 BDT per person. It’s about 320 km from Dhaka and takes around 8-9 hours.

The best time for traveling is the night because you can fall asleep and never feel tired in the early morning the bus reaches Bandarban bus stand, and from Bandarban town, you need to hire a local guide and take a local bus for Sangu river its about 35 km from Bandarban town because of the bumpy and clumsy road it take around 1.5 hours to reach. When you reach you can hire a boat or kayak to explore the river and enjoy the scenic beauty.

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