How to visit Dulahazara Safari Park, Cox’s Bazar | Cox’sbazar Tourist spot

How to visit Dulahazara Safari Park, Cox’s Bazar | Cox’sbazar Tourist spot

Dulahazara safari park situated in undulating place it surrounded by mountains, in this landscape many rear tresses are taken live more then 4000 animals and birds are shelter there. The area of the park is around 9 square Kilometers. But the most attractive things which attack the visitors is the beauty of nature. In this park 200+ elephants are sheltered 50+ are rescue from all over the country many domesticated elephants are available for ride. Visitors also love to see the Lions, Bangle Tigers, Crocodiles and 500+ verity of birds their also have monkeys, deer’s and brown bears. This place is a gift from humans to nature. In the park session every day more then 6000 people visit the park. Visitors’ vehicle is not allowed in the park for safety reasons but the park authority will provide bus service for visitors to visit in the park with every bus a tourist guide who help the visitors to visit in the park. The experience of visiting is memorable for every visitor.

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How to go Dulahazara Safari Park:

From Dhaka, you can travel by bus or plane. If you want to travel by bus then you go to Arambag Bus Stand, there too many bus services available for Cox’s Bazar like as S. Alam, Saudia Travels, Santmartin Travels, Sohag Travels, Greenline Poribohan, etc. Both AC and Non-AC bus services are available.

Start your journey from Arambag when you chose a non-AC bus the ticket price for one person is around 800 to 1000 BDT and the AC bus ticket price for one person is around 1500 to 2500 BDT

The best time for traveling is the night because you can fall asleep and never feel tired in the early morning the bus reaches Cox’s Bazar,Chokoriya bus stand from there you can hire a CNG to Dulhazra Safari Park. You can also buy tickets to enter in the park costs around 50 TK per persons. And for the Safari bus you can spend around 200 TK per persons but it including snacks.

By plane, first, you go to Shahjalal International Airport Domestic side and purchase a ticket the ticket price is around 3500 to 4500 BDT per person but its time consuming and you can also enjoy the air travel experience. Around 1 hour you can reach Cox’ Bazar Airport after checking out you can hire an auto rickshaw for Cox’s Bazar bus standwhich is cost approx. 60 to 70 BDT by bus you can reach Dulhazra it costs around 70 to 80 TK from there you can hire auto ricksha for Safari Park Gate which is cost approx. 10 to 20TK.

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