Ratargul Swamp Forest Sylhet | রাতারগুল জলাবন সিলেট

Ratargul Swamp Forest Sylhet | রাতারগুল জলাবন সিলেট

Ratargul is the only Swamp Forest in Bangladesh. It is located in Gowainghat Upazila, of Sylhet district and it’s about 26 kilometers from Sylhet town. The forest is extended around 30,325 acres of land. The actual forest is ground about 504 acres and the remaining area is full of small ponds. But in the rainy season, the whole area seems to be the same.

Ratargul stays underwater for four to five months. The tourists from home and abroad come to these forest areas to see the trees which are flooded in the water. Many tourists call Ratargul the Amazon of Bangladesh. In the rainy season, many species of trees are seen in the branches of trees and some wild animals are also seen in trees.

During the winter, there are thousands of birds that come from abroad in the pond of Ratargul. Normally, from July to October is the perfect time to visit Ratargul. In 1973, Bangladesh Forest Department declared 504 acres of forest land in Ratargul as wildlife habitat.

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How to visit:

From Dhaka there are some bus services that leave from Gabtali and Sayedabad bus terminals, Fakirapul, and Mohakhali bus stations, you will find the Green Line, Saudia, S. Alam, Shyamoli and Ena Paribahan. If you go with AC buses, it will cost you between BDT 1500 to 2000 and with non-AC, it will take BDT 800 to 1100.

You will also find trains from Dhaka to Sylhet, you need to go from Kamalapur or Airport Railway Station from there you can find many trains like Upabon, Jayantika, Parabat or Kalni Express.

If you like to choose smooth and fastest ways,

you can go by plane. From Shahjalal International Airport, you will find Biman Bangladesh, Regent Air, Novo Air and US Bangla that leave from Dhaka to Sylhet daily.

From Sylhet you can find two ways to go to Ratargul. First you can reach in a very short time with the inner roads of Khadim Tea Gardens beside Khadimnagar National Park. On this route, go to Shringi Bridge with CNG or auto-rickshaw for Ratargul Swamp Forest and come back in the afternoon. It costs around with CNG and Autorickshaw for the whole day BDT 1500 to 2000.

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If you want to ride a local CNG from Amberkhana then it will cost around BDT 150 per person to reach the Shringi Bridge and from Shringi you  will find fishermen’s small boats to enter the Ratargul. The boat is perfect for 4 to 6 people. The price of a boat is around BDT 600 to 1000.

Finally, The second route to Ratargul is to go to Sharighat via Jaflong. For Sharighat, it will cost BDT 50 to 80 to go to Gowainghat by CNG. Then you have to take the boat to go to Ratargul. For 10-12 people, the cost of the boat will need around BDT 1000 to 1500. In this route, it takes more time and cost.


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